Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Fever

We've been so busy this spring. As soon as it was warm enough to open the door without freezing solid we were out doing springy things! We love the sun and can't wait until it warms up for good. Here are some things that we have done so far.

Ry and I have been spending a lot of time in Deer Valley this season (Thanks dad). I love the resort and especially the time that I get my hubby all to myself. Man I love him more and more every day. So after our last day on the slopes we took off to Bandits, Park City's best little barbecue pit and had dinner with dad. The boys discovered that this month they have all you can eat ribs. Man's heaven. Ry was so obsessed with it that we took Jae and Ash up there for Jake's birthday a few days later. I have never seen these two carnivores so proud and sad at the same time as when the waiter came out and told them that they had eaten every rib in the restaurant. Ryan ate a very impressive 38 ribs and Jake's final tally was a totally glutinous 45 !Totally worth the trip!

Kaylie and Connor got Lagoon Season Passes this Easter and It has been open for 4 days so far. We have attended 3 of them!

Mom and dad are almost done with their new castle...I mean house. This week Kaylie and her daddy went out to help grandpa put the finishing touches on the grounds...I mean yard.

Ryan gave Kaylie her first driving lesson the other day. She drove home from Jodie's house (3 houses away from ours). She was thrilled.

Stac and I took the munchkins to the Sesame Street exhibit at the children's museum. They loved it.

Ryan and I put our house on the market yesterday. Yes...that's right we are selling our perfect wonderful house. Ryan would like some more land. Don't ask me what for. Anyway I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. On one side it's fun to make a change. The houses that we are looking at are awesome! And on the other side I have for the first time in my life have started a little garden and plants are actually growing. IIIIII KNOW!!! My secrete is that they are on a steady diet of Whiskey. I'm totally not kidding. I'm hoping that it won't go how the Simpson's gardening went. TOMACCO! Anyhoo we'll have to leave these babies behind. It's a real internal struggle for me.

Monday, April 7, 2008