Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Ty Go!!!

K, Con, and I got to go see Uncle Tyson at his regional swim meet. I was seriously so proud of him. He's crazy fast people. It was like watching a young Michael Phelps. He took 1st place in two individual rounds and 3rd and 4th in relays. Yay Uncle Chi Chi!!!!! Here we come State Finals!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

First off let me just say that I love all of you. I feel totally better and completely greatful for this beautiful life that I have. Thanks for all the love, support and prayers that you sent our way. This last month has been so bitter sweet, but in the end, we've learned a few lessons:

lesson #1...The very hardest times in life can also be the most precious...if you let them be.
lesson #2...Never take eachother for granted
lesson #3...Heavenly father is keenly aware of us. I have thought long and hard about this little baby that we've lost. I can't explain in words how awed I am by the love of a heavenly father that would allow us to be bound together for eternity.
lesson #4...We live in such an incredible time and place (seriously people I should have been dead like 15 times by now)
lesson #5...Life is so fragile
lesson #6...I have been totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown to me. We have the best friends and family. Seriously people WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE EACH OTHER. We are so thankful for how immediately upon hearing about what was going on, Mom rushed down from the cabin to sit in the waiting room with Ryan while they operated on me, for the nights Mom and Ali spent here taking care of all of us, the way that Tiana rushed down without a word when we needed help taking my babies so that we could get to the emergency room, Jared babysitting and forcing healthy food down their little throats, Flowers and meals from our parents, the way Kristen came to take care of the kids as i slipped in and out of a drug induced coma, how Jake and Ash came to check on us time after time, how Ashlee would come just to pick up my kids cause she knew that the doctor told me I couldn't, when Katie chased after K and Con all over the cabin for her entire New Years holiday so that I could relax and heal, the friend who sat and held my hand, put her arms around me and cried with me, how countless of you sent me a text, a note, a call, or came to visit just as I was starting to feel sorry for myself, and made me realize that I have so much. And the sweet man that I love holding me in his arms day after day telling me that he loved me and it would be ok. Ry you have been so good with me through this and I love you more than I can say. I know that it will be ok because you say it will, and that's good enough for me.
I am so grateful. We are so blessed.

Best Birthday Ever

27 years old. wow. The phrase "Time flies when you're having fun" has never felt so real to me. It was my birthday yesterday and let me just tell was a good one. I can't even cound how many people acknowledged it. I got cards, calls, texts, and lots of hugs. I loved it.

It started out with my sweet babies and husband making me birthday pancakes and singing happy birthday while I blew out the candles. Next it was off to work. I know it doesn't sound like fun but I have the best job. I play for a living and yesterday was no exception. When I got home the kids and I spent some quality time together. At one point a knock came on my door and two of my little primary girls from last year were standing there (they're 8 years old now). They had a birthday card for me. Evidently they had asked one of their mom's to jump on facebook and find out our birthdays. They had remembered and had just been waiting for the day to come along. It was so sweet. I gave them hugs and sent them on their way. When I opened the card, all I could do was laugh. Tucked inside was a bright, crisp dollar bill. Seriously how flipping cute is that.
And the icing on the top was the awesome date that I guilted my hubbie into. Along with Jake and Ash, we experienced the single most entertaining night of "people watching" that I can remember. It started off with dinner at squatters. Yum. Now usually squatters isn't a people watching hot spot but oh baby did we hit the jack pot. Not only is our yearly granola crew from the Outdoor Retailer convention in town, but it's also Sundance so the beautiful people converged on the city. It was so much fun. Then it was off for my totally selfish birthday wish, to go dancing. I always want to go dancing but no one will go. So day it was allowed. We went to this little out of the way club. Now, yesterday morning I felt the extra year weighing on me, yesterday afternoon when Ryan illuminated the fact that we were now too old for mainstream clubs like Port Of Call, I was definitely feeling that extra year, but last night as I danced amongst the 30 and older crowd of recent divorcees I felt like a baby. And a hot one at that. It was so much fun. I need to throw a special thanks to my new peeps, Thank you to the lady on the platform that did continuous bootie bounce for 3 hours straight while a group of old guys stood around her with their camara phones and her best friend in the Britni Spears "oh baby baby" schoolgirl outfit doing anything she could to get those camara phones to focus on her, for "on the dance floor all night doing the robot guy" , for "get out your glow sticks, feel stupid and put them away like 25 times guy", for super shortie zebra print dress girl" who's way too tiny black thong kept on rearing it's ugly face. So to all the saggy bawlers, and cougars that made my night so so special, Thank you...thank you so much.
Oh and Sorry Tiana, the web cam that I promised to bring to document this momentous occasion was a little conspicuous in my clubbing clothes. Thought you'd understand. Thanks to everyone who made my day one for the books.