Monday, September 29, 2008

New but Used

Outside Closed

Out Side Front

Out Side Front

Out Side Back

Out Side Back

Master Suite King Size Bed


Dinning Area


Fridge and Sink


Stove Out Side



This summer our family had the oportunity to use my brothers pop-up tent trailer for our River Trip and Family Reunion. After which, Tia and I desided we needed our own. I saw this one at an auto auction I was at in August, and bought it. Now after having it a few weeks, we've desided to sell it and re-invest into some home updates instead. So if you or any one you know may be interested, please let me know. I know how cheesey it is to use our blog to help sell it, but I'm not Tia, I'm a saleman. More info on KSL, ad number 4395344.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Sick Sibs

A vicious virus has taken over the Uzelac household this week. Kaylie and Connor have been miserable trying to beat this super bug. Even our doctor was freaked out when she took a gander inside poor Kaylie's throat. I have no idea how she's been breathing through those swollen nodes. Now that we're finally making some head way, I thought that you'd like to see why we have and will be cancelling all plans for the next 7 to 10 days. Believe me, it's for your own good folks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Wild Week

This last week the kids and I took over two local zoos with some of our favorite people on the planet. First we hit the petting zoo with funny Auntie Stac and Sweet Baby James, and then later my sweetie Ryan joined us for a trip to the good ol hogle zoo with my best college room mate, and closest girlfriend Chanel, her husband Bret, and their darling baby Stran. This is how it all played out...

Gardner Village Petting Zoo
So... which of you jerks is the one who goes wee wee wee all the way home.
MMMM tastes like chicken. Connor freaked when he saw this goat eating his overalls.

Baby J had a run in with a goat. The goat won.

We were reminded again and again that Sheep go to heaven, goats...well you know. Those guys are creepy. The following picture sequence is a prime example.

What you looking at?


The Hogle Zoo

Ok...Ok so this isn't at the zoo but dang isn't Chanel's baby, Stran, such a flipping doll. Not only is he a total lady killer, but he's the best little guy. He's so happy and content. Chanel is such a fun mom. She's only been doing it for 9 months and she's got it down to a science. It was so much fun to have them here.

Ok I'll get the head, you two tie the legs

Nel and I running with a new crowd

International 2008 Man vs. Beast Staring Contest. We were so proud.

Kaylie: What did the Leopard say after he ate the zoo keeper?

Connor: I don't know what?

Kaylie: Man that really hit the spot!!!

I don't like this cat...he reads minds.

What the...

Stran and Con checking out some CHICKS. Hey Ladies!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Singing in the Rain

This morning Kaylie was so excited to see that the storm had rolled in. She immediately got to work accessorising herself appropriately. How she giggled as she dawned her best slicker, fun umbrella, and favorite giraffe rain boots . How her little eyes twinkled as she set off on her way out to splash in puddles and make the day her own personal adventure. Kaylie brings up an all too important reminder for me. If you take joy the small things every day, your life will be a grand adventure indeed.


The other day, Kaylie was over playing with her best friend and cousin Brynlee. Well, they got into a tiff, as girls do. Kaylie wouldn't hand over a toy so Brynlee decided to make her point in the form of a big bite mark right on Kaylie's cheek. When I came to get Kaylie later that day, she met me at the door declaring "BLINLEE BITE ME AND GOT A PANK ON HER BUM". She was so pleased with the fact that Brynlee got punished. Anyhoo I think it's a funny story and an even funnier reminder to SHARE OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES.