Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my Mom's birthday. She will hate that I posted this but she is my best friend so she deserves a birthday shout out. The way that I know for sure that she is my best friend, is that whenever I get news...great news, terrible news, any news at all frankly the first person I want to tell is my mom. She is my support, my rescuer when I'm in need, the person who I bounce ideas off of, the person who I go to when I need a laugh or advice or an escape or a good piece of chocolate. Man I love her! She is why I am the mother I am, the wife I am, the sister I am. And if I told her thank you every day till the day I die, it would be but a drop in the ocean of thanks I feel in my heart for my sweet, funny, smart, beautiful mother.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer..summer...Summa Time

We have had the best time this summer and I have been too busy to document it so here we go...
A day at the zoo with Auntie Nana and Baby Georgia. Is it just me or is my little girl the most gorgeous thing?

Nan and Gig on the getting wild on the carosel

Queen of the beasts
Having the best time with dad

We love our Gigi girl

Getting started on the Basement finally!!!

Navy Seal in training

Uzelac Cousins day at Lagoon. Kaylie and Zach flying high
Monsoon season at Lagoon
My little Poser immitating the Next pose of me

Me and Izzy 24 weeks along

My first Scout camp as a Cub Scout Den mother
Connor and his girlfriend Sam at Scout Camp
Connor showing the ducks who's boss at Scout Camp
Kaylie and Sammy falling asleep in a pair of my pj bottoms.

Kaylie's self inflicted haircut the day we left to the river. TIME OUT!

Ash trying to fix the aweful cut at the river

"Harry...I took care of it!"
Connor and Michael sitting by the camp fire
Kaylie's big bonk. She did a flying leap off the river raft and landed smack on her newly exposed forehead

" How could I have avoided all of this pain and suffering"

The Water Bandit

Uncle Jace and Sweet Georgia
Connor doing manly things
One sexy guy and Jake..Lol
Boogie Boarding Lessons with Uncle Ty

Sideways picture of our rodeo date with Meg, Brad, Trent, and Jack
The kids having a surfing contest up and down the hill

My big helper Kaylie hard at work
Spending the day feeding ducks at Liberty Park

Wet and Wild at Liberty
Sissy and Con...Best Buddies

Bits and Sadie had 9 puppies that we've been playing with all summer
Dad and his buddies at the parade

My beatiful girl trying to cover up the enormous mosquito bite on her eye.

Con and Grandpa Cars checking out motorcycle cops at the parade
The night before his second birthday Ry made Con look tough with a Mohawke but it turned out that he remained as sweet as ever.

Ditching a diaper change at the reunion to watch the 4 wheelers outside the trailer

Happy Birthday big boy!!! Our first activity on your 2 birthday was feeding the cows at the dairy by the reunion. Awesome!!!

Kaylie seems to be enjoying herself

Kaylie and Deis. remind you of anyone?

Connor the Farmer hard at work

The poor calf got more on his face than in his tummy. He had to have 2 bottles just to make sure. Good job Con.
The kids loving the farm

We got to take part in the milking operation. It was so much fun and the milk was so pretty and thick like melted ice cream


Next it was off for birthday adventure Daddy style. Connors dream come true!

Next we all took a birthday dip in the creek to cool off, a Michaelson Family Reunion favorite

We finished the night with a dance
Connor got funky
And K loved dancing with her uncle Spencie
That brings us up to date! I'll try to blog more frequently so that it doesn't take all day to read next time. Looking forward to more fun summer days. Kaylie's we come!