Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cute Cousins

One of our favorite things in the world is spending time with our kid's darling cousins. As you can see, our family has been blessed with a run of beautiful babies. These are some pics from the past few week's adventures with their cousins.

Picture after painting pumpkins at miss Lola's 2nd birthday

Our two little Material Girls (Brynlee and Kaylie) in action

K pulling Con and J around Gardner Village

Triumphant K and Brock after tackling the Wall by themselves

A really fun ride back from an afternoon at the park

Precious Pics of our Kids

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do you believe in Karma?

A note on Karma. After my little grasshopper trick with the kids I've just been waiting for Karma to pounce on me like a hungry puma; and pounce it did. Saturday night we were at the cabin. It was twilight and I decided to take Kaylie on a 4 wheeler ride after about an hour of her insisting, "mommy take da apples to da pussies(horses)?" It is the first time this year that it's been truly chilly, it had been raining all day so there were huge puddles on the ground , and Ryan and Conner were in no mood to brave the dark and cold so we bumbled down the hill on the 4 wheeler together...alone. We came to the top of the little hill by the coral and K and I dismounted. There I walked my sweet daughter on my shoulders, an apple in each of her little hands, to give the horsies a treat. Needless to say they loved it. Kaylie laughed incessantly as they whinnied and chewed loudly. She got up the courage to pet them and after a little persuasion she even fed them out of her own hand. It was a total success for self confidence. "You go girl", I thought as I witnessed her overcome one fear after another. We watched them trot back down to the bottom of the basin and i decided that it was probably time to start heading back. As we came to the crest of the hill, there they were, my personal 4 legged hell. There a mere 15 yards ahead of us stood 8 huge blood thirsty deer. I counted 7 females and then spotted him. The gigantic 6 point buck locked eyes with me and huffed. I let out a small but distinct whimper. He wasted no time in positioning himself firmly in between Kaylie and I, and his herd. I froze. for half a second I thought of turning on my haunches, picking up Kaylie and making a run for it. Then I realized what easy...slow targets we would be on foot. "Oh shit!" I thought realizing that the 4 wheeler was still another 3 feet ahead of me. I had to move toward them before I could move away. I took a deep breath, and put Kaylie on my back so that if he charged, the razor sharp antlers would impale me, hopefully keeping my daughter alive and safe. I took the horrifying but necessary three steps to the machine. He answered with two menacingly deliberate steps to close the distance between us even more. My eyes teared up. I pushed the ignition. Nothing. I repeated the phrase "don't panic Tia...don't panic" to myself, as the buck stood there not breaking his intimidating gaze for a second. I pushed the button two more times and by the grace of God the engine roared to life. The females all startled bounced back a few yards but not the buck. He took a wide stance shoulders down, eyes still on us. I threw it into reverse and jolted back. I turned and raced toward safety. Towards Ryan. In my haste and unwillingness to avert my eyes unable to believe that we weren't being chased by the beasts, I hit more than my fair share of puddles on the way back home. By the time we reached the threshold of the cabin we were covered in thick russet clay mud, I had mascara down my cheek and on my neck from crying, both of our hair was a ratted windblown mud crusted mess and my Kaylie was in desperate need for some cocoa. Ryan took care to calm me down, even though I know that he wanted to laugh his @$$ off at the absurdity of the experience. And chances are that you too are thinking to yourself what a sniveling, shivering idiot I am, and you may just be right. But chances are that if you are reading this blog we are either family or dear friends so you have no choice but to love me regardless of how crazy I am.

I am now convinced in the ancient truth of karma. From here on out I will only be sending butterflies, daises, and metaphorical rays of sunshine into the cosmos. That is until I concoct another "too good to miss" trick.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Trick of the Trick or Treat Season

The kids are healthy again! Yay! And so the trick or treat season begins at the Uzelac household.

The Victims

Brynlee Butterfield, Braedon Butterfield and Kaylie Uzelac

The Inspiration
While taking a dirty diaper outside, this gigantic grass hopper lept onto my shirt. AHHHHH. I had to have it. It was perfect. I captured the creature and the games began.

The Bait

A mysterious present (no kid can resist a mysterious present) c'mon people this is too easy!

The Game

Eenie meenie minie mo was the only fair way to decide who the lucky present recipient would be. Kaylie Won.
The Moment
Kaylie gloated to her cousins that she had won the eenie meenie minie mo game with a little victory "na na na na na" then set to open her prize. The second the box was opened not only did the hopper bound out of the but the three kids screamed then bolted in all directions to avoid the beast. All the while I was snapppng pictures in hystarics a safe distance away. My mom swears that this is child abuse but I'm convinced it's just good clean fun. The evidence to support my claim lies in the fact that after the innitial shock of him, Kaylie got to love him so much that she gave him a name, "Harry Hopper" and she and Brynlee followed him giggling in delight as he bounced all over the living room. That is until it sufficiently grossed me out to have Mr. Hopper bouncing all over my living room.
Once again...It's all about the little things people